Saint Clair Paris is the historical brand launched during the ‘60s by Jean Sinclair, who belonged to the generation of designers that established the french Prêt-à-Porter style.

Saint Clair Paris, nowadays, is a long-standing company that manufactures several lines of products through the distribution of license contracts, such as Prêt-à-Porter menswear and womenswear, leather goods, home goods and soft furnishings, underwear and pyjamas etc. Saint Clair products, distinguished for their fine quality and impeccable style, are distributed throughout several countries in Europe and in Asia.

The brand honors and follows its classical heritage, presenting elegant, timeless and sophisticated creations, always with a modern twist, that never go out of style. For us, being in fashion means respecting our customers and their needs this is why here in Saint Clair we put out all our efforts in attentively supervising the manufacturing and marketing of all our products, so that they correspond with our principals on both quality and fashion.

Saint Claire’s one and only standard is excellence.

For more information on our product range or even collaboration opportunities don’t hesitate to contact with us. We welcome and value any comments or questions you might have.