Jean Saint-Clair belonged to the generation of pioneers that first shaped the French prêt-a-porter style in the 60’s and revolutionized the concept of fashion. Amongst other designers of his generation such as Jean Cacharel, Charles Maudret and Daniel Hechter, he was one of those who succeded at turning a small “home-grown” business into a company of international reputation, with solid structure and management.

In 1962, when he was 30 years old, he opened his first studio, consisting of six employees and constructed shirts for men, upon request. The establishment, of a thirty-five-employee studio, on the 2nd floor of the same building, is what marks the real beginning of the Company “Saint Clair”. His name was already aknowledged at the time, but his ambitions were higher. Taking into consideration the example and the encouragement of his friend Cacharel, he made the decision to take the leap and turn his small business into a commercial and productive corporation. After the establishment of his company, “Societe Anonyme Saint-Clair” in 1963, the success was gradual and steady Just in a few years the brand became one of the most prosperous in the fashion business. The accomplishment of the company was based on men and women collections mostly, but in 1973 Jean Saint-Clair also launched a children’s line under the trade name “Saint-Clair-Bachoz”.

Until 1974, the company Saint-Clair made 65% of its turnover on exports, with European countries marking, by themselves, 75 % of foreign sales. Moreover, the brand was manufactured under license in several other countries, such as Japan, Canada, Mexico, Israel and Greece.

The brand remained very successful up to 1993, when “Stalas” Company Limited undertook the manufacturing and administration of the brand and issued a wide range of Saint-Clair products, creating collections for men, women and children and launcing several Saint-Clair monobrand stores.

Today, the company “Societe Creations Saint-Clair” which is the proprietor of the brand since 2006 has extended Saint-Clair’s product range, by issuing collections such as women underwear, socks, leather goods, home line etc.